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We believe the MCAT prep market is prime for reform. Companies charge exorbitant fees for test prep courses. The system is broken and needs to be changed. NuevoPrep is the solution. Designed from the ground up with two facets in mind - content preparation and critical thinking skills. With our course, you get curated practice materials to make sure you understand the content, the first time! Forget about having to waste time finding out misunderstandings while taking a full-length exam. Most importantly, our entire package costs 60% less than competing courses. We’ve spent more than 400 hours compiling 3,500 standalone questions, 800 mini MCAT exams, weekly workshops, and video lectures covering every AAMC topic - to give you the most bang for your buck!

NuevoPrep Guides, Exams, and Lectures

While you may need a comprehensive review book to prepare for the MCAT, curated practice is equally important. Just think about it — when you study for an exam, you do so much more than read the textbook. You also make flashcards, go over your assignments, and watch relevant videos. NuevoPrep has developed five components that combine theory, practice, and reinforce what you need to know for the MCAT.
  1. Study Plan - Let us guide you through the MCAT prep process. An effective study plan takes time and effort to develop. When you are preparing for the MCAT, chances are you would rather focus on studying. That’s where NuevoPrep comes in. Our guides cover exactly what you need to know for every section of the MCAT.
  2. Workshops (coming soon)
  3. Video Lectures (coming soon)
  4. Reading (discrete) Questions - At the end of each chapter are a series of discrete questions that detail the learning objectives of the MCAT. This extra practice will pinpoint specific areas you need to review before you delve into the practice exams. NuevoPrep offers over 3,500 reading questions to test your comprehension!
  5. Application (passage-based) Questions - Passage-based questions build off the reading questions by taking the information you have read and asking you to apply it in a new scenario. This is an important critical thinking skill, and it is essential to your success on the MCAT. With NuevoPrep, students have access to over 800 practice passages!

What's a workshop? Your guide to a high score that is.

What topis are covered in lecture? Everything.

  1. Biology and Physiology - ​15 video lectures covering all of the biology topics outlined on the official AAMC Content List including: (1) DNA Replication and the Genome, (2) Transcription and Translation, (3) Control of Gene Expression and Biotechnology (4) Genetics, (5) Evolution and Natural Selection, (6) Plasma Membrane and Cytoskeleton, (7) Organelles and the Cell Cycle, (8) Prokaryotic Cells and Viruses, (9) Nervous and Endocrine System, (10) Respiratory and Circulatory Systems, (11) Blood, Lymphatics, and Immunity, (12) Digestive System, (13) Excretory, Skin, and Skeletal, (14) Muscles, and (15) Reproductive System, Embryogenesis, and Development.
  2. Biochemistry - ​7 video lectures covering all of the biochemistry topics outlined on the official AAMC Content List including: (1) Amino Acids and Proteins, (2) Enzymes: Activity, Inhibition and Regulation, (3) Nucleic Acids, Carbohydrates, and Lipids, (4) Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis, and the Pentose Phosphate Pathway, (5) The Citric Acid Cycle and Oxidative Phosphorylation, (6) Fatty Acid and Protein Metabolism, (7) Metabolic Regulation and Hormonal Control.
  3. General Chemistry - 11 video lectures covering all of the general chemistry topics outlined on the official AAMC Content List including:  (1) Atoms - Notation, Structure, Electron Configurations, (2) The Periodic Table - Groups, Properties, and Trends, (3) Radioactivity and Electrochemistry, (4) Stoichiometry & Chemical Equations, (5) Gases: Properties, Behavior and Ideal Versus Real, (6) Lewis Dot Diagrams, Chemical Bonds, and Intermolecular Forces, (7) Sigma and Pi Bonds, Hybridization, Isomers, and Stereochemistry, (8) Acids and Bases, (9) Ions, Solubility, and Titrations, (10) Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry, (11) Reaction Rates and Equilibrium.
  4. Organic Chemistry - 7 video lectures covering all of the organic chemistry topics outlined on the official AAMC Content List including: (1) Properties and Trends, (2) Absorption Spectra and Method of Spectroscopy, (3) Methods of Separation and Purification, (4) Biological Molecules, (5) Aldehydes and Ketones, (6) Alcohols and Carboxylic Acids, (7) Carboxylic Acid Derivatives, Phenols, and Aromatics.
  5. Physics - 9 video lectures covering all of the physics topics outlined on the official AAMC MCAT Content List including: (1) Kinematics, Forces, and Equilibrium, (2) Work and Energy, (3) Fluids, (4) Electrostatics and Magnetism, (5) Circuits, (6) Periodic Motion and Sound, (7) Light and Electromagnetic Radiation, (8) Optics, (9) Atomic Nuclei.
  6. Psychology and Sociology - ​15 video lectures covering all of the psychology/sociology topics outlined on the official AAMC MCAT Content List including: (1) Sensory Processing and Perception, (2) Attention, Cognition, and Intelligence, (3) Consciousness, Sleep, and Memory, (4) Language, Emotion, and Stress, (5) Biological Basis of Behavior (6) Personality and Psychological Disorders, (7) Motivation, Attitude and Behavior, (8) Learning, (9) Self, Identity and Social Thinking, (10) Social Processes and Individual Behavior, (11) Social Behavior and Self-Presentation, (12) Approaches to Sociology and Demographics, (13) Social Institutions and Culture, (14) Societal and Demographic Shifts, (15) Social Class, Inequality, and Disparities.
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