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Our competitors got it wrong!

  • Expensive: Most prep courses thousands of dollars for a single online course. Exam prep should be affordable!
  • Impractical: Most test prep companies offer four to six hours of weekly lectures and review. Who has that kind of time?
  • Limited materials: There are few self-study resources available on the market today. While practice tests are crucial to your success, paying for a single eight-hour practice exam without carrying out effect content review is a waste of time, money, and resources.

We give you the tools to master the MCAT!

Proper content review is the most critical step to attain a competitive MCAT score. That’s where NuevoPrep comes in! We have put together over 3,500 stand-alone questions and 800 MCAT passages - covering every AAMC topic. We start by guiding you through a series of reading questions that reflect each chapter of the Kaplan Prep book, unlike any other prep company - to help you prepare correctly, the first time around! Consider this, after reviewing nervous system physiology, do you really think 15 review questions at the end of your reading will actually test your comprehension? Of course not! Without paying for an expensive course, 15 questions is all you're going to get with just the books. Don't worry, we've got you covered! Our course gives you approximately 50 comprehensive questions for each chapter, to ensure you understand the concepts!

In addition to content review, developing critical thinking skills is just as important. Rather than simply assessing your knowledge, the MCAT demands serious critical thinking skills. NuevoPrep builds these skill by utilizing the AAMC’s learning objectives in an immersive, practical way. We assess students’ comprehension with a 30-minute mini-MCAT exam for every chapter of reading. Through daily practice, you will gain experience tackling MCAT style questions and also further assess your comprehension of the reviewed chapter. Win-win!

Our philosophy is simple. Early in preparation, comprehensive content review establishes a solid foundation. We build on this foundation through the development of critical thinking by utilization mini-MCAT exams. This gradual approach is the key to long-term success, instead of relying on rote memorization. All of which cost a fraction of every other solution without sacrificing quality - because NuevoPrep was established by those who have actually had to study for the MCAT and scored in the top 5%. Our ultimate goal is to disrupt the exam prep market by providing tools and resources that work for students, one step at a time.

We have the results to prove it!  


So, why should you study with us? This is why! 


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Ok, $799. What does that include?

Content Prep

With our reading questions, you'll have every base covered when it comes to content review. About 50 questions for every chapter. 3,500 review questions in total!

MCAT Skills

The MCAT is an exam like no other. It takes time and practice to learn how to approach it. Our 830 MCAT passages will place you ahead of the curve for test day.

CARS Practice

Since CARS is 1/4th of your MCAT score, it deserves some attention. You'll get 55 individual passages + 6 full length exams. Through daily practice, you will be a master of analysis.

A Coach!

Unlike any other prep group, you have access to someone who scored in the top 10% for MCAT advice. Most companies charge at least 60$ per hour. Not us! It's included.

Student Reviews

-- Matthew Scored in the 90th Percentile Using Our Program --

Here's what he has to say:

 “Working with Sage has been one of the most important parts of my MCAT preparation. He has done an amazing job of guiding me to resources, helping me plan and organize my studies, and focus on the most important aspects. I'm so glad I used the material provided by NuevoPrep.


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