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How Is NuevoPrep Different?

NuevoPrep was founded with a simple goal in mind — to transform the way people study for the MCAT. We believe that the prep market is prime for reform. Companies charge exorbitant fees, bombard students with unnecessary resources, and fail to develop the skills required for the MCAT at an affordable rate.
  1. NuevoPrep was founded by a top 5% MCAT (517) scorer with years of MCAT tutoring and teaching experience.
  2. We have methodically researched our curriculum and helped hundreds of students.
  3. Our approach is focused heavily on content review. Our philosophy is simple - master the content, so you do not waste time reviewing content after a practice full-length exam. Trust us; no other company matches this philosophy and price.

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So, what's included for $149?

Question Bank

Practice makes perfect! Our question bank of over 3000 questions will test your content knowledge so you can rock the MCAT the first time!

Question Bank&nbsp;

MCAT Cheat Sheets

Your time is precious, but you may need a refresher. Our notes summarizing the MCAT Khan Academy videos are perfect. Quick, easy, and efficient!


Flashcards are an excellent tool for the long-term retention of information. Our set of 2000+ flashcards does just that — no need to spend hours making your own.

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