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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why shouldn't I just buy a set of books and study on my own?   By all means, you can purchase a set of review books for the MCAT, but a set of books alone, will not adequately prepare you for the MCAT. We have taken everything you would need and bundled it into a package that is an affordable and effective review course. Period. Check out the About Us page to read about the founder (Sage) and why NuevoPrep was created.
  2. Can you list out everything that is included in the course? The course provided by NuevoPrep includes the following: (1) NuevoPrep content review questions, (2) MCAT eBook, and (3) a comprehensive set of flashcards.
  3. What makes NuevoPrep better than the other guys? $199 seems too low. In our humble opinion, we are a great alternative to traditional prep companies. Our approach to the MCAT is unique, in which we initially focus on content review with incremental steps combined with reinforcement with flashcards. No other company offers a comprehensive review plan like ours at this price point. We do not give you insanely long review sessions or require you to attend 3-hour lectures. Our curated material tests your knowledge in strategic steps without the hassle of lengthy and unnecessary lectures. Our strategies apply to all test takers because they were actually developed by those who have previously studied for the MCAT. $199 may seem low, but it has not affected the quality.
  4. Do you have a hard copy of the textbook available? Unfortunately no.
  5. Do I really need 6 practice exams?   The AAMC full-lengths are the most valuable practice exams you have.
  6. How long does the course last? When should I take the MCAT? It depends. You have access to everything for up to six months, but the preliminary content review is designed to last ten weeks, followed by four weeks of exam practice. You should allow yourself around 14 weeks to prepare. 
  7. Is there a free trial?   Yes! Signup here for access to preview the first section of the biochemistry chapter.
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