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Biological and Biochemical Foundations (B/B)

  • Biology and Physiology -  (1) An Overview of the Cell, (2) Cellular Reproduction, (3) Mendelian Genetics and Evolution, (4) Membranes, (5) Developmental Biology and Tissues, (6) Endocrine System, (7) Nervous System, (8) Cardiovascular System, (9) Respiratory System, (10) Immune and Integumentary System, (11) Muscular and Skeletal System, (12) Digestive and Excretory System.
  • Biochemistry - ​(1) Protein Chemistry, (2) Enzymes, (3) Molecular Genetics I: Genes, (4) Molecular Genetics II: Gene Expression, (5) Carbohydrate Structure and Function, (6) Carbohydrate Metabolism I, (8) Carbohydrate Metabolism II, (9) Lipid and Amino Acid Metabolism, (10) Biotechnology & Lab Techniques.

Chemical and Physical Foundations (C/P)

  • Physics - (1) Kinematics, Forces, and Equilibrium, (2) Work and Energy, (3) Thermodynamics, (4) Fluids, (5) Electrostatics and Magnetism, (6) Circuits, (7) Waves and Sound, (8) Light and Optics, (9) Atomic Nuclei.
  • General Chemistry - (1) Atomic Structure, (2) Periodic Trends (3) Molecular Interactions, (4) Stoichiometry, (5) Kinetics and Equilibrium, (6) Thermochemistry, (7) Gasses and Solutions, (8) Acids and Bases, (9) Redox Reactions, (10) Electrochemistry.
  • Organic Chemistry - (1) Nomenclature, (2) Isomers and Bonding, (3) Organic Chemistry Reaction Basics, (4) Alcohols, (5) Aldehydes and Ketones, (6) Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives, (7) Spectroscopy, (8) Separations and Purifications.

Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations (P/S)

  • Psychology - ​(1) Biology of Behavior, (2) Sensation and Perception, (3) Learning and Memory, (4) Cognition, Consciousness, and Language, (5) Motivation, Emotion, and Stress (6) Identity and Personality, (7) Psychological Disorders.
  • Sociology - (1) Social Processes, (2) Social Interactions, (3) Social Thinking, (4) Societal Structures, (5) Societal Stratification.
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