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NuevoPrep Students Consistently Outperform the Competition

The efficacy of NuevoPrep MCAT Prep prevails in our students' performances on the real exam. Using data from past students who followed our designated course and study plans for at least eight weeks, we have that NuevoPrep students, on average, score nearly 14 points higher than the mean on the MCAT.  

This score equates to the 90th percentile (i.e., the top 10% of test takers), putting our students in range for the most competitive medical schools in the United States.

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NuevoPrep Students See Significant Score Improvements

​Many of our students turn to NuevoPrep after having spent thousands of dollars and immeasurable amounts of time at other prep companies that failed to prepare them adequately.  

We recognize the common pitfalls of other prep companies (a lack of talented tutors, a bombardment of unnecessary information, and not enough focus on conceptual understanding). By offering concise and relevant review taught by 95th+ percentile scorers, we give our students a completely different experience.  

As a result, our students consistently perform better on their second (official) MCAT after having followed our prescribed courses and study plans for at least eight weeks.