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Introduction for Advertisers.

The impetus for NuevoPrep started in 2017 after realizing that most pre-med students are unprepared for the MCAT. Despite completing the necessary pre-med courses, students continue to struggle with the MCAT. NuevoPrep was founded with a simple goal in mind — to transform the way people study for the MCAT exam. We believe that the prep market is prime for reform. Companies charge exorbitant fees, bombard students with resources, and fail to develop the skills required for the MCAT at an affordable rate.

Our Mission is 3-fold.

  1. Provide students with effective resources for the MCAT.
  2. Offer a product for a competitive price.
  3. Give back to those in need.

What seperates us from the big guys?

  • We're significantly less expensive! Our target price point will be $199.
  • All-inclusive - question banks, flashcards, and a reference text.
  • High-quality review material that covers all content required for the MCAT.
  • NuevoPrep is authored by someone who scored a 517 and has years of experiencing teaching!

How did we derive our approach? A set of experiments!

Market Research Surveys

Over two semesters, we meticulously interviewed 326 students enrolled in broad range of pre-medical courses to identify the market potential and student demand. These data provided some great insight - most students want a reference book and plenty of practice material.

Case Study

Following the surveys, 104 students over two semesters were selected to explore the impact of targeting reading questions after completing a section of their content prep. Students with access to our set of questions performed 24% better than the control group.

Proof of Concept

Forty-seven students from the case study were randomly selected to participate in the proof of concept. Building from the case study, a test-bank cover B/B, C/P, and P/S was bootstrapped to test our hypothesis. Both groups raised their score by 7 points to an average score of 510.
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